LOGISTICS & SERVICES – Our additional services in connection with the product: bridging distances, availability irrespective of harvest times and combined assortments

Logistics & Services


Our extensive logistic services enable us to guarantee the delivery of asparagus from the fields of China or pineapples from the plantations of Thailand over thousands of kilometers to our customers in the defined quality just in time.

Months can easily elapse from the point at which goods are first called off to their eventual delivery to our customers. The aim is to exclude many possible sources of problems in this timeframe and over this distance, as these could lead to uncertainty regarding delivery schedules or poor quality for the food industry and the retail sector.

Thanks to storage and financing of produce in our modern distribution centers in Paderborn and Venlo, we can assure every customer all-year-round availability of the fruit and vegetable products he requires at a fixed price, even if the harvest lasts only a few weeks and exchange rate variations entail additional risks. In order to complete our package of services, we offer assorted delivery of our product range, including the combined delivery of frozen goods and preserves in one delivery.

With the help of a high-performance mixing and packaging center in Venlo, we use synergy effects between the industrial and trading branches of our business. By manufacturing different fruit and vegetable mixes we are constantly adding innovations to our range of products and can adapt to any special requests from our customers.