ZUMDIECK - Over 50 years of experience in the production, import, processing and sales of foods

Subsidiaries and Partners

We can only meet our customer’s expectations in terms of quality and security of supply by cooperating with leading manufacturers in the various regions of the world. That is why we build up strong strategic partnerships, some especially for the German market. Thus we are the German sales partner of the Dutch FLM Group, one of the leading producers of frozen and preserved mushrooms in Europe and of Ecofroz S. A. in Ecuador, one of the world’s best producers of frozen broccoli.

In addition to our contractual partners, we are increasingly using production from our own operations. Thus, our freezing, packing and processing subsidiary company in the Netherlands and our joint-venture preserve plant in Turkey provide the basis for high-quality special products and customer-specific production. This means, for example, that in Venlo we can pack customer specific fruit or vegetable mixes and in Turkey we can produce preserved peppers according to a number of different recipes and in cuts specified by customers.

In response to the increasing importance of the Chinese market, our subsidiary Zumdieck Asia Ltd. in Hong Kong handles all purchasing activities and quality controls in the Far East. This means that we have our own personnel on the ground at our contract partners production facilities during production, thereby ensuring that quality meets European standards and that the specifications of our customers are met, right from the start.